Del Na Del Game Show


In this one hour stage game show, The host showcases different types of items, from household supplies to electronic appliances such as laptop, TV, mobile, air condition, fridge, microwave, iron, vacuum cleaner & more, and participants must guess the prices to win cash and prizes.
Contestants are selected from the studio audience as the announcer presents an item on the stage and among the audience who guess the closet price, they called down to the front to participate for a chance to move on to later stages within the game show.
The audience should register themselves to participate in this show through a short number which continuously promotes during the show by the announcer and also graphically.
The objective/goal of such an entertaining game show is to break down game shows to their mathematical components and find the optimal strategies of winning with little or no information on the topic of the game.
The focus is on using only the probability behind the game to determine strategies that maximize a contestant’s probability of winning. The goal is to be able to go onto a game show with no studying necessary short of what strategies are best for each game and have the best probabilities of winning the prizes.

Do not miss watching this interesting game show from Saturday to Wednesday at 7PM on Ariana Television.

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