Corporate Sustainability Policy

In an environment where rising energy needs, the scarcity of non-renewable resources, and the need for CO2 reduction are driving business behavior and energy optimization, we strive to continuously enhance the energy efficiency and environmental performance of all that we do at Ariana Television and Radio to ensure that our natural “footprint” is as small as possible in order to leave the world in the best possible condition for future generations.

Our approach to sustainability is based upon three (3) pillars:


ATN is committed to ensuring that our staff, families, customers, and viewers/listeners understand our adherence to international sustainable practices. We will share the message of the importance of responsible environmental practices through activities of our company as well as the Bayat Foundation and share this information through Public Service Announcements (PSA) when possible. We are committed to responsible corporate conduct as it pertains to waste management, water use, and sustainable business practices. ATN employees are offered the opportunity to participate in a Community Involvement Program in partnership with the Bayat Foundation. These environmental projects include Water Filter for Schools, Clean Kabul River, Annual Hearing Mission and Plant a Tree initiative.


ATN will ensure our suppliers use responsible and environmentally sustainable methods of production and we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our activities, office buildings, and services.

ATN aims drive improvements in our business practices through our national supply chains, by setting increased expectations around transparency, working with our suppliers on improving their environmental performance and human rights issues, and collaborating on industry-wide initiatives to address system-level challenges from child labor, to water conservation.

As part of ATN’s obligations, our company will continue to proactively protect the environment by continuing to raise awareness on recycling, conserving energy, water and using environmentally friendly products.


ATN is committed to responsibly and ethically achieving sustainable growth and performance through strong corporate governance, transparency, and an open dialogue with management, staff, our audience, and regulators.

In the best tradition of a company with a clear vision and responsible management approach, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values. We will continuously work to improve our environmental performance and share the message of this importance of such with our viewers and listeners as often as we can.

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