ARIANA TELEVISION SCORES AGAIN WITH ENGLISH PREMIERE LEAGUE FOOTBALL ATN Selected By The English Premiere League As Afghanistan’s Exclusive Broadcaster of EPL Games


Kabul, Afghanistan—September 27, 2016—Ariana Television Network (ATN)
(, Afghanistan’s premier broadcaster of award-winning television and radio programming to 25,000,000 Afghans, announced today that the network had acquired the excusive broadcast rights, in Afghanistan, for English Premiere League Football.

ATN and EPL’s exclusive and much admired partnership debuted on September 24, 2016, with the broadcast of Manchester United vs. Leicester and Arsenal vs. Chelsea. Upcoming EPL Matches that will be broadcast on ATN include the October 1st contest of Swansea vs. Liverpool. The complete broadcast schedule of English Premiere League matches that will appear on ATN can be accessed at

“ATN is the only broadcast network in Afghanistan where viewers can watch the best of both English Premiere League and FIFA Football,” said Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, the Chairman of The Bayat Group and the Founder of ATN. “We’re proud to give Afghans the opportunity to watch ATN and cheer on their favorite teams.”

About ATN:
Launched in 2005 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Founder of ATN and the Chairman of The Bayat Group (, ARIANA Television (ATN) and Radio Ariana 93.5 are the largest private media channels in Afghanistan, covering 33 of 34 provinces and reaching over 20,000,000 Afghans.

Focusing on information, content and entertainment that rekindles Afghanistan’s traditions and culture, ATN’s programming places particular emphasis on education, health, children’s programming, women’s and world issues, and we take great pride in broadcasting accurate, unbiased news to our audience.

ATN provides the Afghan Nation with a “Window for a Better Tomorrow”, by exposing our radio and television audiences to the best of international arts & culture and expanding opportunities for Afghan writers, producers, actors, and directors. Along with our affiliated enterprises – The Afghan Wireless Communication Company – and The Bayat Family Foundation, we employ and train more than 6,500 Afghans throughout the country and we are proud to have Afghans building and broadcasting ATN / Ariana 93.5 for all of Afghanistan.

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