Six KPL cricket teams snap up 15 players each in this year’s draft


The exciting Kabul Premier League (KPL) Season 2 Players Draft took place in the city on Tuesday morning much to the excitement of the country’s cricket fans.

The gala event, which brought together Afghanistan’s cricket fraternity, was broadcast live and exclusively on Ariana Television Network and Ariana News, which secured the rights earlier this year to produce and broadcast this year’s tournament.

Addressing the event on Tuesday, Mujeeburahman Baheer, the head of Ariana News, pointed out that Ariana Television Network (ATN), including Ariana News, is committed to making sure people in Afghanistan have access to world-class sporting events.

He said: “Ariana TV has always tried to bring sports to people’s homes.”

This year’s T20 league extravaganza – which is a great source of hope for young cricketers in the country – will take place in Kabul at the Ayoubi Sports Complex and will start on June 4.

Also addressing Tuesday’s event was Nazeem Jar Abdulrahimzai, the domestic cricket manager for the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB).

He said he believes that Ayoubi Sports Complex can organize an even better league event this year compared to last year’s event.

He also thanked all those who have invested time and money into developing and supporting cricket in the country.

Abdul Latif Ayoubi, head of Ayoubi Sports Complex, meanwhile said challenges faced last year had been smoothed out and that conditions have since improved for this year’s tournament.

Ayoubi also announced the addition of another team this year.

Last year there were five teams, this year there will be six. He said this decision was taken so as to provide more players with the opportunity to take part in the league.

Seyyed Khan, the head of the Ayoubi Sports Complex, also addressed guests at the event and said: “This year, a lot of effort has been made to be able to present an improved league that meets the standards; the shortcomings last year regarding the field and other areas have been addressed.”

Kabul Premier League (KPL)

Last year’s tournament was the first KPL and included five teams; these were Ayoubi Kabul Zalmi, Band-e-Amir Stars, Shaheen Hunters, Shamshad Eagles and Speenghar Warriors.

This year, Kabul Knight Riders have been added to the mix.

The trophy was lifted last year by Shaheen Hunters.

The Kabul Premier League aims to not only promote cricket in the country but also serves as a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills.

Kabul Premier League (KPL) Players Draft Ceremony

Tuesday’s Player Draft was divided into three groups. Diamond, Gold and Silver. Band-e-Amir Stars picked up the first player.

The list of players drafted are as follows:

Band-e-Amir Stars

1. Hazratullah Zazai
2. Nejat Masoud,
3. Farmanullah Safi
4. Akram Alikhel
5. Irfanullah Safi
6. Sharafuddin Ashraf (all-rounder)
7. Navid Obeid (batsman)
8. Nasir Khan (bowler)
9. Fridon Khan (fast bowler)
10. Emil Shahin
11. Haroon Khan
12. Qamar Shams
13. Abdulsalam Hasheibi
14. Biryal Afghan
15. Aqdam Khan Shirzad

Shaheen Hunters

1. Hijaz Ahmadzai (batsman)
2. Abdul Malik
3. Azharul Haq Navid
4. Imran Mir
5. Asif Musazai
6. Zahid Afghan (fast bowler)
7. Mohammadullah Hamkar (fast bowler)
8. Sadiq Pacha
9. Uzirullah Khamosh
10. Wasim Mangal
11. Seyed Khan Niazi (fast bowler)
12. Ata Zarmal (wicket keeper)
13. Ismat Habibi
14. Mashoq Totakhel
15. Ruhollah Arab

Shamshad Eagles

1. Shahidullah Kamal, (batsman)
2. Ehsanullah Janat
3. Numan Shah, (all-rounder)
4. Ali Ahmad Naser
5. Bashir Ahmad (fast bowler)
6. Kamel Kaker
7. Abdallah Tarakhel (all-rounder)
8. Dastgir Khan
9. Wahid Shafaq
10. Khayal Mohammad
11. Rahim Mangal
12. Abdul Baqi Popel
13. Yahya Khan
14. Murad Ali
15. Juma Gul

Kabul Knight Riders

1. Riaz Hassan (batsman)
2. Naser Jamal
3. Zahed Khan Paktin
4. Yusuf Shah
5. Mohammad Riaz (all-rounder)
6. Zubid Akbari (batsman)
7. Yama Arab (bowler)
8. Moheb Zurmati
9. Wahid Zadran
10. Arab Momand
11. Ishaq Saqi
12. Rahman Shah
13. Sabawon Boniri
14. Azam Khan
15. Salam Kaker

Ayoubi Kabul Zalmi

1. Qais Ahmad (bowler)
2. Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar
3. Zia ul-Rahman Sharifi (bowler)
4. Masoud Gurbaz
5. Sohail Khan Zarmati (batsman)
6. Sami Bilal (fast bowler)
7. Mohammad Wasim Akram
8. Ibrahim Abdul Rahimzai (fast bowler)
9. Darvish Rasouli
10. Saber Hanif
11. Rahmanullah Zadran
12. Shams Karokhil
13. Rozuddin Afghan
14. Juma Din
15. Zafar Alozai

Speenghar Warriors

1. Samiullah Shinwari (batsman)
2. Hamza Hotak
3. Wafadar Momand
4. Waqarullah Ishaqzai
5. Hassan Isakhel
6. Lal Baz (fast bowler)
7. Osman Noori
8. Jalad Musazai
9. Mahbob Tasken
10. Jalal Stanekzai
11. Akbar Ali
12. Salman Shinwari
13. Khaled Niazi
14. Rahman Zurmati
15. Noorullah Ayubi

Once the draft wrapped up, the highly-sought after KPL trophy was displayed.

For cricket fans across the country, ATN will broadcast KPL matches live and exclusively from early next month.

For breaking news and updates, fans can stay tuned to Ariana Television and Ariana News’ websites and social media platforms, where all KPL news will be posted.

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