Bandar With Najiba

Live Program “Bandar with Najiba” evening show every day at 7PM, Coming up with a lot of varieties like special guests from different professional backgrounds in different segments such as Art, Comedy, Sport, Business, Health & etc along with Music, Cooking, Emotions, Laugh & Joy.

Live calls with take away gifts will be given from sponsors side to those who answer the questions based on product and show related.

This Evening Live Show entertains Dari and Pashto Speakings, male & females in different ages with different tastes. Also you can find the full show in Ariana Television YouTube Channel with English Subtitle on the same night after broadcasting on TV.

If you have missed watching this amazing evening show, please don’t forget to watch it on Ariana Television YouTube Channel. For more information, please click here.

Stay Tuned with Ariana Television!

Bandar with Najiba Exclusive YouTube Channel:

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